Welcome to my new blog. This is, I think, the thirteenth blog I’ve started and I hope it will be the last for some time.

In the past, when I wanted to branch out in a different direction, I created a new blog dedicated to whatever my new enthusiasm was at the time. This was fine for a while, and I quite enjoyed having a variety of pies that I could stick my fingers into, but it eventually got a bit out of hand.

“Jack of all blog” is intended to be somewhere I can write about any topic, in any way, with or without accompanying images. Most of my previous blogs have been driven by images, which I enjoyed taking and including in posts, but sometimes I felt I wanted to write something without a picture. I could have done that, of course, but I thought it might be letting the side down.

Readers often stay loyal to certain blogs, not only because they’re interested in the topics covered, but because they know roughly what to expect when they visit. Having a blog that doesn’t have a predetermined structure may not be the best option for maintaining a loyal readership. Although I intend to give myself complete freedom, I can only write the way I write, so there will at least be some sort of continuity in terms of writing style.

Thank you for reading this far, and if you’d like to follow this blog to see what becomes of it, that would be lovely.



  1. Hi Lorna 🙂 I am also considering a similar concept – re-jigging one of my blogs so I can write about general interests. I hope this works well for you. Love the title 🙂


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