When my parents bought their present house a few years ago they found a rusty old toy truck in the attic.

Last year I packed the little truck with earth and planted marigold seeds in it, hoping it would blossom with a riot of flowers.

While I was waiting for my profusion of marigolds, I noticed a garden along the road that had achieved exactly the sort of effect I was after.

marigold borders

Unfortunately, the result in the truck was rather less abundant than I had been hoping for.

marigolds in truck

I still dream of a flourishing truckful of blooms, so perhaps I should have another bash at it.



  1. That reminds me of some of my own gardening efforts. I would say most, but that would just depress me, and wouldn’t actually be true. It seems to me that some seeds just won’t. Unless you hold their hand and offer them six weeks free counselling. Others are go-getters. Better luck this time!


    1. Oh dear, it is a shame when nothing happens. I planted dozens of marigold seeds all over the garden but only a few came up, so maybe it was a dud pack. Thanks for the vote of confidence, I’m going to try something completely different this time, I think.


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