Richard Branson’s challenges

Last year, when he turned 65, Richard Branson announced that he would undertake 65 different challenges. Members of the public were encouraged to come up with suggestions for things he might do, and from these suggestions he would choose his favourite 65 ideas.

According to his blog, he’s completed at least 30 of these challenges so far and they make for interesting reading. His most recent one was to take 65 pictures of things that mean something to him. The person who challenged him to do this suggested he include anything as long as it didn’t relate to work or family.

“I thoroughly enjoyed completing this challenge. It made me stop, and take in my surroundings and appreciate the riches of life. I hope you enjoy my photoblog – and I urge you to take some time yourself to do something similar.” – Richard Branson

Rather than take or find 65 pictures (or, more suitably for me, 44, since that’s the age I turned on my last birthday) I made a list of the sorts of things I would include if I were doing this challenge. Several of my choices were similar to Richard Branson’s.

My list included the following categories: nature, the countryside, food and drink, architecture, gardens, tearooms, the sea, holidays and stopping for animals in the road.


As I compiled my list I floated amongst my memories, remembering many positive impressions. I recalled visits to interesting places, tasty meals, beautiful views, exciting adventures and lots of little snippets of happy times over the years.

You might want to have a go at this yourself. I certainly agree with Richard Branson; it’s good to appreciate the riches in life.

Lorna on pier at Puerto Pollensa



    1. That’s true and it’s interesting the way photographs can affect our memories. Sometimes I’m not sure when I see a photo from the past if I’m remembering the occasion itself or just the photograph. Then there are other times when I look at a picture and I remember not only what I see in the picture but other things that aren’t illustrated in the picture.

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  1. I absolutely agree with the idea of taking time to appreciate the riches of life, but I’m slightly disappointed that actually Richard Branson didn’t do the challenge that was set for him. I notice a lot of those photos have credits by other people, and are clearly taken by other people. I would far have preferred to see photos taken by him without him in them 🙂 That way, I’d learn more, and he might have learned something new himself 🙂


    1. That’s a fair point, he didn’t really do what the challenge suggested. You got me thinking that if I’m somewhere with someone else and we both take photos, when I look at their photos later on I’m often surprised by something I have no memory of. I don’t have the same emotional connections to their pictures as I do to my own. I wonder why he chose to do it that way, perhaps he thought other people’s pictures conveyed the message better. If he took a picture while he was on his yacht we wouldn’t be left with the same impression as the picture taken by someone else showing Richard Branson sailing the yacht. I agree with you though, it might have been more interesting if he’d only used pictures he’d taken himself.


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