Utility poles no.1

I don’t know how many different designs of utility pole there are within an average square mile in Scotland, but it’s probably more than you would think.

The poles dotted about the country today have been erected at different times over the past century or more. I imagine designs have been improved and modified over the years, depending on the purpose of the pole, the materials used, and no doubt numerous other factors. Even taking all this into account, I find the diversity astonishing.

I sometimes wonder what, if anything, these poles are transmitting, and how long they’ll continue to do their jobs. Are the days of utility poles numbered?

The picture below shows utility poles marching across fields to the south-east of Blairgowrie, in Perthshire. The metal cross-pieces halfway down the two poles in the foreground remind me of an old-fashioned hourglass.

utility poles 1
Utility poles near Blairgowrie, Perthshire.


    1. I think it must be the case here too, Darlene. I often wonder if the ones we have are still in use, and if they are how much longer they’ll be used for. I’m in no hurry to see them go.

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