Old footballs

One sultry afternoon last summer, my mum and I were out for a stroll along a quiet country road in Perthshire.

As we ambled along, enjoying the novelty of being outside in Scotland without jackets, my mum spotted something lurking in the grassy verge.

sultry striding

“There’s an old football over there,” she said.

We went to investigate and discovered that there were, astonishingly enough, two old footballs sitting quite close to each other.

Only they weren’t footballs, they were enormous mushrooms.

old footballs




  1. Crikey. Those are enormous! We have mushrooms growing in the lawn at the moment, but nothing like these. They look like a sort of puffball maybe? But then I know nothing at all really about such things. If one were being whimsical, one could imagine these might be a perfect size for fairies to sit on … and toast marshmallows or whatever it is they do 🙂


    1. I think you’re quite right about them being puffballs. I was imagining fairies possibly living inside them, but I like your idea of them sitting toasting marshmallows.


    1. At first glance it really did look like an old football languishing in the long grass. It was quite a surprise to find that it wasn’t a football and that there was more than one.

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  2. Blimey Lorna, they’re vast! I haven’t seen a puffball for ages, but I’ve never seen one that big. I once read that if every spore from a single giant puffball germinated and became another giant puffball the offspring would weigh more than the earth!


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