Friday letters – 1 April 2016

Dear J K Rowling, for the past few days, while reading “Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix”, Professor Umbridge has been reminding me of someone but I couldn’t quite think who it was. Last night I realised it was Donald Trump and it seems I’m not alone in noticing the resemblance. (If you want to see what I mean, click here.)

Dear spring flowers, I’ve been waiting patiently for you to bloom this year and although a small number of you have finally come out and are looking beautiful, there seems to be considerable sluggishness elsewhere. If you wait too long the summer flowers will be muscling in on your display and you don’t want that, do you? Carpe diem!

Dear warm air, according to the forecasters you’re coming up from France at the weekend and enveloping the south of England in your comforting embrace. Why stop there? Keep going north and you’ll be made very welcome.

Dear Easter chocolate, I’m astonished there’s still so much of you left. An unopened Cadbury’s Easter bunny sits on my bookcase, next to a little bit of remaining Chocolate Buttons egg, another smaller hollow chocolate egg and a Malteaster minibunny.

Dear Tesco, I really didn’t need to yield to your tempting offer of 5 Malteaster minibunnies for the bargain price of 50p (see letter above). Despite finding them sickly sweet, I confess a 66% reduction seemed too good to miss.

Dear Prestat Marc de Champagne Truffles, what a wonderful gift you were from a dear friend of mine. When it comes to chocolate nibbling time I don’t know how to choose. Although you’ve landed on me at a time of great abundance (see letters above) your five different truffle options are extremely thrilling.



  1. Great letters, most inspired by our favourite thing, chocolate!! I still have a chocolate bunny in my fridge. I do hope the weather gets your letter and you have Spring soon. xo


  2. Lovely post, Lorna! I will add my wishes to the warm air and so will a lot of other people, I would say! Also, I clicked on the link about Donald Trump/Prof Umbrage and now wish I hadn’t! 😀 Glad to know that you have sufficient chocolate in the event of an unexpected chocolate shortage or other similar apocalypse.


    1. Thanks, Jo, perhaps with enough people exerting their willpower we can draw the warm air further north. It’s got to be worth a try. Pretty scary, that Trumpbridge mock-up, isn’t it? I must say it sets my mind at ease knowing my chocolate stash is in such a healthy state.


  3. Excellent letters – you make me smile. I hadn’t seen the Trump/Umbridge photos before but they are very cleverly done. Thanks for the warning about the Malteaster mini-bunnies being on offer at Tesco. I am going to steer well clear just in case some of them decide to jump into my basket – I have finished my Easter chocolate and I think I need a bit of a rest. I hope the weather takes note of your request. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Elaine, and likewise with your letters. 🙂 I should never have given into that Malteaster temptation, but alas, I was weak-willed. If you happen to feel you’ve got too much good weather down where you are perhaps you could give some of it a little shunt north.


      1. I know I would have been weak-willed in the face of Malteaster temptation, so that I why I am going to steer clear of Tesco for a while! 🙂
        I will certainly send any surplus sun your way, especially as I am probably heading back up to Scotland in a week or so.


    1. Thanks, Andy. I nicked the idea from a fellow blogger who does wonderful letters herself. I think the weather needs to break free from the shackles of the forecasters and I will continue to urge it to do so.

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