Surprising signs: Aberdour toilets

This sign is currently stuck up on the noticeboard at the Black Sands of Aberdour in Fife. I didn’t actually visit the toilets but perhaps I should have done.

surprising sign



  1. Either they have just slapped the tourist motto for the whole of Fife on there and not thought it out at all, or they have overthought that particular sign quite a bit 🙂 Wouldn’t it be a shame to be there on one of the days it’s not open? That’s hilarious!


    1. I hope you’re right about them having thought it out although I suspect it was an oversight. It would be a supreme disappointment to be there on one of the few closed days.


    1. I wondered about that too, a lot of ink to use when there are so few days when it’s not open. I really must experience these toilets for myself one day.


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