Utility poles no.2

These utility poles are situated on a small dead end road leading down to the Firth of Forth near South Queensferry.

The one in the foreground has quite a complicated assemblage on top. The shape reminds me of a chef’s hat, and the puffy white clouds seem to be loaves of floury bread dough fluffing up as it rises. Utility poles don’t usually make me feel so hungry.

utility poles 2



  1. Heh, I can see what you mean there. I guess always take a snack if you head that way? Green spring grass (especially freshly mown) always used to make me feel hungry as a child (since you mentioned those fluffy clouds) and I used to have the greatest trouble to not chew my green crayons in spring. I think I tried it once and was quite disappointed, but the psychology has lingered. Like you with utility poles, no others make me hungry, but to this day if I see a green crayon, I get the munchies.


    1. Ha ha, that’s funny about the crayon. Have you tried eating grass? It reminds me of my experience with soap. Bars of soap often look temptingly edible to me and inevitably one day I gave into temptation and took a big bite. It was absolutely horrible and even though I still remember that disgusting soapy mouthful I still think they look appetising.


      1. I am sooooo glad I’m not the only weird person I know! 🙂 No, I never tried eating the actual grass. Is this bars of soap that are shaped like giant strawberries or whatnot? Or just your average block of Pears? 🙂 Soap can smell very appetising. I’ll give you that. Jean-Paul Gaultier put vanilla in his perfumes because he “wanted us to want to eat the person standing in front of us wearing it”. Which is kind of odd, but I also get it. Again, it’s not about actual consumption, just desire. It is amazing where a conversation about utility poles can take you, huh? Who’d’a thunk 🙂


        1. Indeed, quite amazing. 🙂 It wasn’t a foodie-looking bar of soap, just a standard white rounded bar. I suppose I imagined it as being like a block of fudge: dense, smooth and potentially delicious.

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