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  1. Sockets wandering around: must be due to some morphological peculiarity of your charming foot…
    I’ve a similar problem with my floor carpets, they always move…
    Thanks for your comments further to Masupa’s drifting on the ocean,
    website https://rigmover.com/tag/masupa/
    I managed to take almost all I wanted. Forgot only my handheld GPS and my Journal de bord with 30 years of navigation…


    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m so sorry about your boat, but glad you managed to take most of what you wanted. The GPS can presumably be replaced, but it’s very sad to have lost your journal. I’ve just read what you wrote on Mark’s blog, what an alarming experience that must have been for you. I’m glad you survived it.


  2. I think simplifying is an excellent way forward – blogging should be enjoyed not seen as a burden – I am much happier posting when I feel I have something to share and I respond as I can – much happier although I do miss lots of good content. I have set up a list of key blogs to keep track off – which can be found on the left tab of the reader


    1. I agree with all of that, Scott. I wish I had time to read more posts, but dipping in and out when I can is better than nothing and far less of a strain than trying to keep up with everything all the time.


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